The Ashes (Cremains) of your Loved One are treated with dignity and respect at all times.  They will be collected from you personally by me and placed in a specially designed (and locked) ceremony casket and personally transported to Skylighter Fireworkx.  

You do not need to use all of your loved ones ashes (cremains) for the ceremony - some people choose to keep a portion.  I have a dear friend, Peter Chapple, who makes specifically tailored Memorial Bonsai Creations for exactly that purpose.  He has clients who have converted the remaining ashes into displays such as motorbike helmets, high heel shoes, bonsai fountains and pet rock memorials.  

If you would like more information on his services his details are:

Peter Chapple, Designer and Creator, Bonsai Landscapes

Mobile: 0404 889 094  Email: Website:

Contact us today and we will assist you to organise an unforgettable celebration of life for your loved one.

If you would like to celebrate the life of your loved one by sending them to the stars with a 'swoosh, a wow and a bang'  via a personal, spectacular, environmentally-friendly fireworks ceremony, then we need to meet to discuss your preferences and requirements.

My office is situated in Elanora on the Gold Coast, Queensland. 
I prefer to meet with you in a face-to-face situation so I can get a feel for you and your loved one.  If this is not possible, we can certainly liaise by internet or the telephone.

I will gently extract the information I need to arrange a celebration ceremony that you will be proud of and explain, in great detail, all the exciting fireworks options that are available to you.

Alternatively, you may fill in the form below for an enquiry, or call to discuss a suitable option for you and your loved one.

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Have a living memorial created in the style                          of your choice.

Have a living memorial created in the style                          of your choice.